My First Episode of On the Brink

So, this was my first full package that I’ve ever done. For those unfamiliar with television, a package is a what you see on many t.v. programs, and it’s basically a visual news story or narrative. In case you didn’t know, video editing–especially on Adobe Premiere–is extremely difficult. It takes a long time to write […]

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My Ode to Raleigh

Before leaving Raleigh in early July, I made sure to have a photoshoot to commemorate leaving the place I called home for the first 18 (19, if you count the one year I spent back in Raleigh after college) years of my life. Raleigh, to me, is still one of the best cities to have […]

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Why I Hate The Metro

  This picture speaks for itself. Yesterday, it was unbearably crowded. As I held my breath for what felt like forever, I thought to myself: something’s got to give. When I first arrived to LA 37 days ago, I thought the metro was super convenient, quick, easy, and would save me the stress of being stuck […]

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I have arrived!!!

Well guys, it’s officially been a week–actually, more like 11 days because I’m a procrastinator and am just now sitting down long enough to write–since I left good ol’ North Carolina and moved to LA! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would become an LA girl. I kid you not, growing […]

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Hey there!

Hello, and welcome to Switching Coasts! My name is Paula Ilonze, and I started this blog because I am an East Coaster, born and raised in North Carolina, and decided on a whim to switch coasts and move to Los Angeles, California. I am beyond excited to obtain my master’s in journalism from the University […]

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